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About Us

About us:

MTB Guide XP is grounded in a lifetime of passion for mountain biking and the outdoors, refined through professional guide and coach certification and training.

We aim to create the best possible mountain biking EXPERIENCE (XP for short) in an already stunning setting.

From the world-renowned trails of Finale Ligure (and not just the well-known trails, but the hidden gems too) to the big rides and adventures through the daunting Aosta Valley peaks.

At the heart of a great ride are great mountain bike guides. Our approach is way more than "I lead, you follow”; instead we aim to inspire and educate, to help you through the whole PROcess towards better riding, and how those skills apply in the real, hands-on environment. We are mentors that lead by setting an example, while stimulating the conversation and tailoring the learning experience to our guests’ needs and demands.




Owner - Head Guide

Finale Ligure/ Aosta


Guide - Local legend

Finale Ligure

Each of us is not only a mountain bike ambassador, but an ambassador for the area in which we guide.
And whatever level you ride, we have you covered. Our team of guides and professionals have all 'been there’ themselves, and having empathy for the learning curve and the challenges it brings, forms the basis for our guiding programme. We are more than just people to follow: we will ensure that you learn as you go, while doing a whole bunch of riding… oh, and a heck of a lot of smiling along the way.



This is where you'll find articles, projects, infos and events we've been part or we'll be part of!

Take some time to scroll them through and enjoy some content!


What should you think about before entering our beautiful country?

Here is a quick selection of tips that can help whoever decides to spend a riding holiday in Italy

FOR YOU CARD_01.jpeg

The FOR You CARD is our local way to contribute to the maintenance, promotion and well-being of out stunning landscape, territory and network of trails.


Lucky enough to embark on an adventure with the SB130 after only a few days from its release!​

Check the thoughts about it after a few week of intensive riding on it!

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