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Francesco Gozio

"Don’t let Francesco’s boyish good looks fool you: this is a rider who’s skill and ability will rival anyone with twice his time on a mountain bike. Not that he’s new to it himself, but you get the idea. Francesco’s mastery at throwing bikes around (as in a good and stylish way) will make you hate him. Instantly.

The problem is that Francesco is impossible to hate, largely because of his very, very caring attitude and a selfless approach to guiding.

Yes, he has all the qualifications you need to guide professionally but look below the paperwork and the appeal of riding with him comes down to the fact that he likes riding bikes, a lot —and he wants you to like riding bikes even more.

That's a hard challenge to lay down, but if there’s one person who will grab that challenge by its dusty horns, it will be Francesco."

by Dan Milner - Photographer

Best at:



Favourite tour:

alpine hut outfit

F.C.I. Guide, F.C.I. Instructor, Mias MBL Level 3

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