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Riccardo Negro

"Ha! Richi! Simply the most energetic and pure outdoor lover you can find in Finale. Originally known as "Richi the cave man" (from his first email address), probably is the busiest man in the local outdoor community. Shop director, race organizer, president of the local bike association, hiking and biking guide climber, runner, biker, swimmer, simply loves the outdoor. And even more the place he decided to call home, Finale.

You'll probably get to know Riccardo before you meet him through stories of other people. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone.

Did we mention that his enthusiasm is highly contagious?

A ride with Richi is a journey through the hystory of Finale, it's trails, walls and caves"

by Enrico Guala - The Pope of Enduro

Best at:



Favourite tour:

crawling through bushes in search of new trails

G.A.E. Liguria Guide, F.C.I. Guide, F.C.I. Instructor,

FinalEnduro® (coming soon...)

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