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An EXTREMELY EXCLUSIVE Mountain Bike journey through crests and valleys, from the sea to the mountains and back. Discover incredible locations and exciting single tracks.

An original itinerary, a future classic. Only few people ride these trails, you'd be one of those few!

General infos

Distance:      around 80km (50 miles)

Gain:             around 1800m (6000 ft)

Drop:             around 5000m (16500 ft)

Duration:       from 2 to 3 day back to back

Minimum number of riders to cover the costs: 4 people

The Inferno Flow is a mountain bike tour thought in the spirit of All-Mountain riding, supported by a van with bike trailer to allow the riders to travel light and still be able to carry all the needed equipment with them. It also works for quick transfers uphill on paved roads, in order to maximise the time spent on trails

The tour is organised over two days and covers a long loop that starts and finishes on the western side of the Ligurian coast, nearby Finale Ligure (in the province of Savona); the furthest point of the tour is Valcasotto (in the province of Cuneo) at the foothills of Bric Mindino mountain. The whole loop is about 80 km long with 2000 metres of climbing and 5000 metres of descending.

At the heart of the itinerary we will discover Alta Val Tanaro, in particular Val d'Inferno (hence the name), a fascinating valley known for its wild and challenging sections; it was named by Napoleon Bonaparte on his difficult journey back to France.


The main purpose of the tour is to explore, therefore the details of the itinerary are usually defined according to the guests’ preferences and needs. As there is no need to rush, we will have all the time to appreciate the charming natural and historical context, away from the usual tourist destinations. And then, of course, the trails: natural, long, unexpected and fun... enough to keep you smiling right into the following week! 

Specific route’s details


Here are the main towns and places we’ll go through:

Finale Ligure-Colle del Melogno-Calizzano-Garessio-Val d'Inferno-Val Casotto-Colla di Casotto-Garessio 2000-Zuccarello-Monte Croce Sanctuary-Toirano-Finale Ligure


Here is how the days will most likely be organised:


Day 1:  Finale Ligure - Val Casotto

Day 2: Val Casotto - Toirano - Finale Ligure

On the first day we will leave Finale Ligure and we will travel up Colle Melogno in the van; afterwards, we will begin our journey riding both on exciting trails and through old historical hamlets, such as Calizzano, Garessio e Valdinferno. An adventure which will lead us to the discovery of the Ligurian outback, still unknown to many, and the southern parts of Piemonte with its wonderful trails. Once we reach Valcasotto, we will stop for the night; the accommodation is an old restored mill where we will find our luggage and have the opportunity to taste some delicious local specialities. The overnight stay is arranged in cosy and comfortable double rooms. On the second day, we will climb up to Colla di Casotto in the van and we will ride the long trail through Garessio 2000, Zuccarello village and Monte Croce Sanctuary (Madonna di Balestrino) before reaching the end of the itinerary in Toirano and transfer to Finale.

Level required

The level of riding difficulty varies between S1 and S2 (check the STS Scale for reference). It is therefore not a suitable tour for beginners. The itinerary is totally rideable with a mountain-bike, preferably full-suspension with 140 / 160 mm of travel. 

The riders should have a good level of fitness (roughy 1000 mts to climb per day will be covered, in part on steep rough terrain). In order to limit the amount of physical effort required and maximize the pleasure on single tracks climbs, you may consider using an e-bike.

FITNESS: Level 3 required

SKILLS: Level 2 to Level 3 required

What does it mean?


Starting point


Finale Ligure (all details will be given during the booking process)


How to get here


You can check how to get to Finale Ligure here or have a look at “Everything you need for riding in Italy


What to carry with you


We'll have a full shuttle support for the 2-3 days of the trip. You'll only need to have your daily pack on your shoulders and a suitcase with all your personal belongings and spares will be stored in the van for, then, be found at the hotel at the end of the rides.

We’ll have showers every day.


Don’t forget to get spare parts that are specific to your bike. Anything can happen in the mountains.


We suggest having a bike in the best conditions possible and a pair of biking shoes capable of walking for a while!





For a minimum of 4 people the price will calculated depending on the number of riders. It includes:


  • professional Guide for the entire duration of the tour 

  • a van with trailer along the entire itinerary 

  • uphill transfers in the van on paved roads

  • luggage handling 

  • half board accommodation (beverages not included)

Not included in the price


Everything not included in the “Price” section, such as: half-day lunches and restaurants/bars/pocket lunch, optional rescue insurance, etc.


Other options

  • the duration of the tour is normally 2 days; however, it can be easily extended to 3 days by adding an extra activity half way through. 

  • the plan might change depending on sudden problems/weather conditions/etc. and will be decided by the guide. Further expenses will, then, be charged to the participants

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