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Francesco here!


Back in September 2018 I got the chance to have racer, blogger, YouTuber and fellow ambassador Nate Hills with me in Europe for a couple of weeks and it was RAD!

We started off in the big mountains with photographer Dan Milner, armed with a job from Yeti Cycles to shoot and test the new SB130.

We went straight to Finale after that for some "hometown shredding"!

Here are a couple of samples of how it went:


The first time my butt actually touched the saddle of the SB130 was just hours before embarking on this outstanding 5-day, hut-to-hut, adventure around Mont Blanc from Chamonix... couldn’t be more pumped!

I was riding one of the best bikes in one of the places I love the most with a couple of badass blokes!
What else?


The hunt for Gelato is on!

Down a 1500m (4500ft) descent to get to Courmayeur for lunch and (mainly) gelato!


- steep stuff

exposure factor

- trails I've been riding since I started mountainbiking and...

- birthday party at the end of the day



After a week around the Mont Blanc had Nate Hills riding Finale Outdoor Resort trails... all-round good food, nice weather and prime riding experience!

Rollercoaster, an all-time classic!


One of those long, fun days out riding... Nato Base in the morning, Dolmen in the afternoon... 3 gelatos in the day... and the record was not broken quite yet at that point!

Proper balance!

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